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Nowadays, about 1200 senior dan experienced drivers are employed to operate more than 700 variations of trucks to serve our variety of cumstomer in Indonesia

As growing company and more then 20 years experience in inland Transportation its one part of our business which can be offer you with the unique service that you needed in transportation for domestic, project, special handling and 3PL.

PANCARAN DARAT TRANSPORT it’s one of the group of PANCARAN GROUP with business experience in inland transportation specialized in trucking and heavy duty equipment

Many type of vehicle can be serve the customers such as Trailer, Semi trailer, Box Truck, Truck Wing Box, Truck Fleet, Deck, Truck Open Top, Mixer and others, at the moment we are serve for Export/Import, Oil and Gas Company, Logistic for Domestic (3PL) , Electronics, Chemical, Automotive and Consumers Goods


PANCARAN DARAT TRANSPORT  as menggunakan have almost 600 unit for head trailer with variety chassis from flatbed, skeleton and low bad, also have 152 unit with wing box, CDD/E and then 150 unit of Mixer.

PANACARAN DARAT TRANSPORT can be offer the best service in many choices with benefit for customers meets expectation and satisfaction


Box Truck Memiliki beberapa type truck :

  • CDE (Cold Diesel Engkel) yaitu truck dengan menggunakan 4 tyre dan berkapasitas max 2 ton
  • CDD (Cold Double Diesel) Yaitu truck dengan menggunakan 6 tyre dan berkapasitas berat max 5 ton (Varian : Full Box dan WingBox)
  • Engkel/Fuso yaitu truck dengan menggunakan 6tyre dan berkapasitas berat max 10ton (Varian : Full Box dan WingBox)
  • Tronton yaitu truck dengan menggunakan 10tyre dan berkapasitas berat max 21ton (Varian : Full Box dan WingBox)


Service Departemen Box :

  • Rental Truck (Sewa Truck per Bulan) :
    • Rental Truck
    • Rental Truck + Driver
    • Rental Truck + Driver + Operation Cost (Paket perbulan/truck)
  • Rental Truck by Trip/shipment dengan kontrak
    • Trip Basis dengan Kontrak Volume
    • Trip Basis Dengan Kontrak Tonase/Kubikasi
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)  Antar Pulau


Coverage Area Dept. Box :

  • Truck :
    • Jabodetabek
    • Pulau Jawa
    • Pulau Bali
    • Pulau NTT/NTB
    • Pulau Sumatera
  • Less Than Container Load (LCL) :
    • Sumatera
    • Sulawesi
    • Kalimantan
    • Papua

Operation Management System :

  • Driver Management System
    • KPI Driver (Key Performance Indicator)
    • Standard Recruitment Driver
    • Reword & Punishment
    • Coaching, Briefing, Training Driver, Spot Check and, Safety Patrol Management
    • Jamsostek Driver & Keluarga
    • Ect
  • Fleet/Trucking Management system
    • Order Fulfillment  Planning
    • Central Monitoring Truck
    • Pre-Vehicle Check Truck
    • Control GPS Truck, Dokumen License Truck, dan Truck Accessories
    • Asset truck Management
    • Ect.
  • Workshop Management system
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Spare Part Management
    • Storing Car
    • Ect 

Standarisasi :

  • Implementasi ISO 9001:2000
  • Implementasi Health, Safety and, Environment 



Visi dan Misi



  • To be the best and preferred Business Group which supported by professional human capital for producing affordable, efficient and qualified services.


  • Prioritize on Quality to achieve Customer Satisfaction
  • Prioritize on Health, Safety and Environmental which comply to Government Regulation
  • Emphasize on Development & Human Welfare to support Company Business Activities
  • Develop Sustainable Products and Services
  • Impose competitive price while achieve Sustainable Profit for the company and the customers
  • Test Visi Misi

Feet List

Brand Type Unit
HINO Tronton 19
  Engkel 77
ISUZU Tronton 41
NISSAN Tronton 42
  Engkel 9
RENAULT Tronton 20
SCANIA Tronton 17
VOLVO Tronton 110
  TOTAL 342


No. Chasis Type Unit
1 20 feet Flatbed 10
    Rangka 30
2 40 feet Flatbed 217
    Rangka 72
Total Chasis PT. Pancaran Darat Transport 329



No. Type Brand Unit
1 Box Truck HINO 16
Total Box Truck PT. Pancaran Darat Transport 19